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Medical and scientific illustration

Advanced Medical Graphics specializes in the production of graphics that express information and ideas of medical and scientific concern. We design and produce art for publications, lectures, patent applications, courtroom display, grant proposals and more.

Professional illustrations provide the best visual representation of your ideas. Highly technical information is portrayed clearly and effectively.

Our Medical Illustration & Photography Services Include:

Figures for publication
Charts and graphs
Schematic diagrams
Color prints and slides
3-D renderings
Anatomical and surgical illustration
Art direction:

We determine the content of explanatory diagrams;
interpret and accurately portray data;
ensure that diagrams convey highly technical information clearly and effectively;
and monitor layout and design to facilitate comprehension by readers.

Who uses our medical art services?

Our work appears in scientific publications including:

Journal of Immunology
Journal of Experimental Medicine
Procedures of the National Academy of Science
Journal of Biological Chemistry
New England Journal of Medicine
Advances in Radiation Oncology
Nature Biotechnology

and others

The clients of Advanced Medical Graphics are scientists and educators in the Boston, Massachusetts area, affiliated with institutions and businesses including:

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard Medical School
Children's Hospital, Boston
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center
ImmunoGen, Inc.
Biogen, Inc.
The Angiogenesis Foundation
Boston University
Veterans Administration Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard School of Public Health
and more

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